OMG a Kitayume update!! (with translation)


Himaruya is back not just in jump, but in his blog too!! :D I’m so happy~~

Here’s a quick translation (pardon any typos):

I’m sorry for being on haitus for so long and for making you all worry!!
I seriously am sorry about this, and thank you for your continuous support.

So this time, I finally have some news for you!


A new series Hetalia WorldStar has started at Jump+!
It will feature countries and historical figures in omnibus styles, there will be roman emperors, impressionists, and also that person you are all so familiar with.


Germany in Jump+ is more gruff.

Right: Psyche yourself up a little more
Left: ‘kay.

I’ve once drawn Emperor Nero as a muscular man with black hair, but after some research, it turns out he’s a subculture-loving dude with bright hair and light-blue eyes, and that’s why I’ve drawn him this way in the new series.

[I also drew this!]

ALDNOAH. ZERO Anthology Comic Vol.1 on sale on 11th October.

I drew the cover of this comic!
My editor said something worrisome about this project so I was bracing myself for it, but it turned out to be even wilder than my expectations.


Schoolyard Horror Stories: Monday and Schoolyard Horror Stories: Tuesday, now on sale!


It’s a new horror series by iijima-ssensei where the setting is moved to an elementary school.  I drew the cover and character designs for it.

Wednesday will also be full of characters will very unique personalities.

Some stories are eeire, others are strange, some are only scary to the person who experienced it, and others are outright terrifying if you really think about them!  There are many different types of stories, it’s a great read!

And now something that’s already been announced.

Rural High school Horror Stories


I am really sorry for the long wait.  There is something I want to say about this project, and when I have all the information prepared I will make an announcement about it!

[I went on a trip to Finland!]

I learned more about the partnership among The Nordics, and also how Estonia is a great merchant.  I also saw a derpy-looking Moomin.


"I’m a Greeting Moomin at the Finland Airport! Cheese!"




It’s Stinky! Mr. Stinky is so cool…